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​Our Reputation

We enjoy the trust and respect of the judges before whom we appear, and of the lawyers we oppose. That trust and respect benefits our clients not only in the results we obtain, but in the reduced cost of litigation as opposing counsel know that they cannot play games or obtain a lopsided or unfair result for their client. Equally important, opposing counsel and the judges know that they can rely on the representations of fact and law we make in the course of our representation of our clients. Again, our clients benefit because honor and ethical conduct remain highly important elements in the effective practice of law as well as, sadly, traits which distinguish our professional practice from others. We are able to effectively marshal the controlling facts and propose rational and fair settlements for our clients, often without expending inordinate time and expert witness preparation. This is because we are known to be experienced family law attorneys. We relate the facts honestly and ethically, and propose legal, yet creative solutions to difficult problems. Additionally, we have learned much of the essence of complex tax and valuation issues, psychological evaluation issues often essential to the resolution of custody cases, and the art of successful negotiation.