Our Philosophy and Your Privacy

Our expertise, hard work and preparedness mean that the clients of Fryhoff & Lynch receive the highest quality representation available. We make it a point to listen to our clients and to provide them with sound advice based on our years of experience and the current state of the law. We keep our clients informed at every turn and work as a team with each client to achieve the best possible result. Our goal is to take our clients through one of life’s most traumatic experiences with the client’s rights safeguarded and with the client’s future options being maximized. 

We are keenly aware of the natural differences in the emotional make up and relative power between the personalities of spouses who are in conflict. Those differences may have had a major impact on how the couple has or has not dealt with their mutual problems during their marriage and they can have a negative impact on how their individual problems are addressed when the marriage ends. We are also well aware that, in nearly every case, one spouse feels him- or her-self prepared for the end of the marital relationship, while the other is unprepared and often at a loss to deal with the trauma of divorce. Our representation of our clients frequently involves giving advice which takes into consideration and ameliorates the disparities between the parties’ emotional preparedness and practical preparedness for divorce and/or for the emotional conflict they face. We often work with therapists who assist our clients. We believe in client confidentiality. We have always taken the view that a family law problem should remain private. We help our clients remain grounded and rational when their problems with their spouse or other family members are driving them to distraction or the fear of the unknown is eroding their confidence. It is amazing what results can be achieved when the balance of power is shifted by a confident and empowered client and a really effective lawyer. We take pride in fashioning creative solutions that facilitate settlement and maximize the results for our clients.

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